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    CodMW2 Multiplayer video analysis!

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    CodMW2 Multiplayer video analysis!

    Post by streetkilln

    This thread contains the following sections:

    - Kill Streak Rewards
    - HUD Overview
    - Perk Speculation
    - Attachments
    - Rank Tracking
    - Challenge System

    - Factions
    - Destructible Environments
    - Guns
    - Skins
    - Easter Eggs
    - Miscellaneous Notes
    - Credits

    Kill Streak Rewards

    This is a loading screen where it looks like you are able to unlock kill streak rewards. There are 15 slots, and as you can see by this picture, when you unlock the AC130 kill streak reward, after 11 kills you are able to sit and gun in the plane.

    This is the computer you use to call in the AC-130. People can stop sending me private messages now.

    This is the screen you have for shooting people. Nice little red boxes outline targets so even the 7 year olds (who should be reading a book, not playing this) can destroy the other team.

    Thanks goes out to ZEROBLACKOUT for tipping me on the timer at the bottom of the aiming screen. This count down can be taken as the amount of time you have to be in the plane. I think I saw a 0:21 before I was able to take a good clean shot of this. Lets just speculate that you have between 20 and 30 seconds of firing time in the AC-130.

    Unbalanced you say? Meet the AT4. Hear a firing tone, and get rid of that pesky death machine...

    Also, please take note as it may not be obvious to everyone that this map is located in Rio de Janeiro.
    - Credit: ims0freakn1ll

    ...but I just got my death machine! I don't want to be shot down yet. Well then just go ahead and release your flares. Should give you a few extra seconds to fire away.

    HUD Overview

    So this is how your screen will look while playing. Pretty straight forward.
    - Mini-map upper left
    - Ammo count, D-Pad layout, and a compass bottom right.
    - Score and team display bottom left.

    Close up on mini-map. Pretty much the same as MW:1.

    Close up on D-Pad area.

    Close up on score area. In case your math skills aren't too hot, it gives you a nice message if you are winning or losing.

    Perk Speculation

    This is the most questioned perk in the video game...until now! It is obvious to me that IW used a third party program to blur this in the video before they compiled it and released it to the public.

    However, my best guess (and I'm rarely wrong) is that it is the radar jammer. This is because you see it pop up at 0:32, and as it comes up, your mini-map gets filled with static (see below). This all suggests that this what happens when you activate that perk.

    The blue perk that pops up later is different, and I'm still not sure what that one is. Because they blurred these before they compiled the video, it is the best I can do at this point.

    Apparently your radar can now be jammed and this is how your mini-map will look...filled with static. We will call this Radar Jammer.


    I had NO IDEA that there would be a heart beat sensor in the game. I'm happy this finally puts the speculation of it not being in the MP to rest.

    I can't be sure on an exact distance, but judging from this picture, the range of the heart beat sensor appears to be between 25-30 meters.

    Rank Tracking

    At first it looked like the HUD did not have a XP Tracking Bar. This lead to some threads being created about how there is now a skill based ranking system. I found this doubtful just because they were showing all those points people were getting.

    Now I am sure that they are sticking with an XP Tracking System because of what I found below. It was subtle and easy to miss, but have a look.

    As you can see, this first shot shows that only the first block is filled with yellow. It was easy to miss because it just looked like part of your factions color.

    As you can see here, more of the blocks are filled in, leading me to believe that this is just a more streamlined XP Tracking Bar.

    Well, as seen in this video there are clearly more challenges which is great to see as it really does enhance the game play for the community.

    Buzzkill. This will certainly be the most frustrating challenge for people on the receiving end as it stops people short of using the unlocked kill streaks.

    Hilarious. Not much else to be said about this.

    Payback. Getting points for killing that player that is clearly better than you? I'll take it.


    Army Rangers

    Speculated to be the new OpFor symbol:
    - MW2xR3CONxMW3
    - I END3R I

    This isn't to say that they are the same people from MW:1, just that this is the new antagonist in the MW:2 story.


    So, it isn't at all official, but the general consensus is that this is Task Force 141. Since there is no real-world Task Force 141 symbol, that makes this hard to confirm. That being said, credit goes to where credit is due:
    - Mr Pink
    - loulegend
    - B3RLINWALL911
    - Sovereignty

    Destructible Environments
    There definitely is a higher level of destruction in this game. The following pictures demonstrate how far IW has taken the physics in this game.

    You can see the glass shattering after an explosion.

    After the shattering glass clears, you can see that the printer has also been destroyed.

    Notice the pipes on the left here. I am assuming that these are filled with water which also running under ground. You will see why this is important in the next picture.

    When one of the shells hits the ground, there is an understandably huge explosion in front of you, but then water covers your screen. There is not a fire hydrant visible in this area, so I am assuming that the shell actually ruptured an underground water main.

    This is the area before a shell from the AC-130 hits the ground...

    ...and this is after the shell destroys everything in sight.

    Many of you have been demanding a section addressing the guns revealed in this trailer. I have made the following section to meet those demands. It is certainly a work in progress, but with everyones help I'm sure this will meet expectations.

    AT4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    M240 machine gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    - Credit: Helljumper577

    Additional evidence that it is the M240
    - Brought to my attention by: tommyboy601

    FAL with Red Dot Sight
    FN FAL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    AA-12 Shotgun
    Atchisson Assault Shotgun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bushmaster ACR
    Bushmaster ACR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ka-Bar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A lot of people are hoping for customization for player skins. While this video offers no proof of this, the following are the best pictures I could find of the model skins IW seems to have created.

    'The Watch' Skin

    German Flecktarn
    - Credit: vontank

    Easter Eggs

    Not sure, but I'm pretty sure this is just a bunch of pictures of developers and other lucky people hidden in one of the maps.

    Miscellaneous Notes
    These are just some notes I wanted to pass along to everyone that are difficult to explain just through the use of pictures.

    - While firing from the AC-130, there is about a two second time span between firing a shell and the shell meeting its target.

    - The old sound of you hitting a target is back.

    - At 0:32 seconds in the video, it appears they are leading the target but still hitting him and eventually killing him. Could this mean an addition of bullet time?

    - New death animation and camera view.

    - It would appear that you get more points per kill. Some people are concerned about this, but it doesn't matter because they will scale the game mode score limits, challenges, and the prestige system so it is just as equal as it was in MW:1.

    I owe the following people credit for lending me a few of the observations they had in their threads before this one caught fire.

    - Dyemonic
    - xDeathReaperx
    - Sovereignty


    Credits go to infinity forum


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