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    Collectible Guide (Not Fully Finished)


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    Collectible Guide (Not Fully Finished) Empty Collectible Guide (Not Fully Finished)

    Post by viral Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:39 pm

    Collectible Guide (Not Fully Finished) 291713321_a66e865f82_o
    Chapter 1: Welcome To Delta

    Collectible 01: The Eagle Newspaper

    When the chapter begins, make sure to select the "Training" option. Immediately after you begin, go down the alley, and look on the ground for The Eagle Newspaper; it is in the middle of the street.

    Collectible 02: Ambulance Driver's Log

    Once you drop down the ladder at the end of the training area, go right, and enter the garage to find the Ambulance Driver's Log.

    Chapter 2: Desperation

    Collectible 03: Doctor's Journal

    After your first encounter with the Locusts in the hospital, you will be in a long room overlooking the floor below you. Go to the left of the room and into a small adjacent room to find the Doctor's Journal.

    Collectible 04: Jacinto Medical Center File

    A few rooms ahead you will find a large, enclosed reception desk in the center of the room. Check the floor inside to find the Jacinto Medical Center File.

    Collectible 05: COG Letterhead

    Right beside the cafeteria is a small room with a desk and a computer. Inside this room is the COG Letterhead.

    Collectible 06: COG Proclamation

    The COG Proclamation is on the second floor of the hospital's lobby, near some ammo just as you enter the room.

    Collectible 07: COG Tags - Private Dylan Murphy

    As soon as you exit the hospital, turn right to find the tags behind a pillar.

    Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder

    Collectible 08: Grindlift Spec Sheet

    The Grindlift Spec Sheet is right behind you as you start, on the wall.

    Collectible 09: Ammo Requisition Form

    When you get off the rig to defend Dizzy, check to the left of the rig. It is near some bushes and ammo.

    Chapter 5: Roadblocks

    Collectible 10: Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper

    In the first building you enter in this chapter, check upstairs. The Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper is near some grenades.

    Collectible 11: Memorial Inscription

    After getting rid of the Tickers, check the wall of the war memorial to find the Memorial Inscription.

    Collectible 12: Landown Delivery Driver's Note

    This Collectible can be found on the floor at the back of the Imulsion station.

    Collectible 13: COG Tags - Private Samuel Lee

    About half way through the tunnel, your way is blocked by wrecked cars. Before you go up the short set of steps that bring you to these cars, check to the left to find a room with the tags inside.

    Act 2: Denizens

    Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures

    Collectible 14: Gear Journal

    When you find the second Rockworm, go left, and cut through the vines. You will find a Grindlift, some ammo, and the journal here.

    Collectible 15: Kantus Scroll

    After you reach the top of the spire and kill the Reaver that appears, you can find the Kantus Scroll behind the Troika at the back of the platform.

    Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations

    Collectible 16: Locust Emblem

    After your first encounter in this chapter with Drones, Wretches, and Kantus, go through the doors to find the Locust Emblem near some ammo.

    Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling

    Collectible 17: Ilima Help Wanted Ad

    Go up the path and to the right of the Bloodmounts. It is on the overlook that faces the snipers, near a Gorgon pistol.

    Collectible 18: COG Tags - Hank Bissell

    On your way out, shortly after Cole saves you, the tags can be found just inside the building.

    Chapter 5: Captivity

    Collectible 19: Stranded Journal (Jennifer)

    After releasing Baird from his cell, check to the right in a small alcove.

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