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    Zombies Take Over Combat Arms

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    Zombies Take Over Combat Arms Empty Zombies Take Over Combat Arms

    Post by streetkilln

    Nexon America today announced Quarantine Mode, a new content update for its popular multiplayer online first-person shooter (FPS), Combat Arms. The new play mode introduces player-versus-zombie combat where players compete as soldiers or as infected zombies. The mission for players: to either survive and destroy the infected or infect as many humans as possible. Players can acquire the updated game now at

    Quarantine Mode is introduced as "Operation: Overdose," on a new map to Combat Arms. On this map, players are randomly selected at the start of each match to become a zombie. Players chosen for the "infected" team must try to infect anyone that crosses their path. Zombie players will use a melee attack to infect other players. Infect all players and zombies win. Humans have two ways to win survive the mission timer or destroy all of the infected.

    For the uninfected, it won't be easy to fight off the zombies, who are immune to poison, extremely resistant to bullets and moderately resistant to fire, explosives and melee attacks. Zombies are also not affected by critical hits. Infected players have double the normal stamina and have an increased amount of health. Players will need to use their weapons to keep the zombies away with the weapon knockback feature and work with teammates to use strategy to defeat the hordes of walking dead.

    "This isn't the usual zombies invading, eating your brains type of scenario," said Min Kim, Nexon America's vice president of marketing. "In Quarantine Mode, the fun doesn't end with fending off zombies. Even if you get infected, you can continue playing as a zombie and spread the zombie bug to your friends and other soldiers. This makes for a messy, gooey fun fight with only the stoutest soldier able to avoid becoming a chew toy."

    The new Combat Arms update also includes a variety of new deadly weapons including a flame thrower, new assault rifles and shotguns to its roster of deadly armaments. Quarantine Mode is the latest major update Nexon America added to Combat Arms, which has seen more than three billion kills since launching last summer.

    Go to for more information.

    Zombies Take Over Combat Arms Streetkilln
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